More Galaxy Note 7 explosions reported, quality tests now delaying shipments

While one isolated event where a massively popular, sizzling hot mobile device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 randomly bursts into flames doesn’t sound particularly troubling, five separate claims of freak home explosions purportedly occurring within a one-week stretch are pretty hard to ignore.

So the world’s largest smartphone vendor has decided to thoroughly examine whatever might be making the dual-edged phablet so quick-tempered and volatile, further delaying shipments “due to additional tests being conducted for product quality.”

Where? For how long? What happens to potentially dangerous Note 7s already sold and delivered to their very early adopters? All good questions Samsung isn’t keen to answer yet, though we’re hearing availability setbacks are only impacting South Korean carriers at the moment.

The company’s homeland has also been the host of at least two alleged explosive incidents, making it possible that a regional manufacturing flaw is behind the seemingly inexplicable mishaps. But let’s not rule out the likeliness of a pandemic hoax, or something else (third-party chargers, for instance) causing the otherwise impressive Galaxy Note 7 to go down in flames.

Hopefully, Samsung will rapidly get to the bottom of this, and for the sake of high-end smartphone diversity and iPhone 7 competition, no recalls or other delays shall come into play.

Sources: Reuters, YonhapNews, BusinessKorea

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