The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the manufacturer’s first foldable smartphone, was supposed to launch on April 26. Those plans we canceled and the launch was delayed after initial feedback of review units breaking after merely days of usage. When Samsung initially confirmed delaying the launch of the device, in order to improve on it after internally testing it further, the company promised it would revert in a couple of weeks with details.

An email sent out to customers on Monday reveals that Samsung is “making progress in enhancing the Galaxy Fold”. While credit cards of those who pre-ordered would not be charged until the device actually ships, Samsung is asking customers to confirm their pre-order.

If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st your order will be cancelled automatically — Samsung

This email doesn’t reveal, just like the previous Samsung statement, a solid shipping date. A rumor late last month talked about a possible mid-June launch, but Samsung only commits to sending out updates on shipping information in the coming weeks.

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