The same day that Verizon chucked new plans into its prepaid offerings, AT&T has beefed up its existing ones. These improvements go beyond the publicized supplemental high-speed data capsules, though. They hit at the base.

Those on $45 and $60 monthly plans, which currently have 3GB and 6GB of high-speed data, will have their caps raised to 4GB and 8GB, respectively. Current customers do not need to do anything as the change takes place on their next usage cycle beyond Friday.

For your information, customers old or new should take note that if you enroll in AutoPay, you get $5 off each month.

Two phones will also go on sale from Friday through December 31: the LG Phoenix 2 will be $20 off at $49.99 while those activating new lines can get a ZTE Maven 2 for free, though they have to pay $30 toward their service at time of purchase.

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