Until Lenovo sifts through all your killer ideas for game-changing modular Moto Z accessories, hand-picking and helping fund the best of them, the upcoming holiday shopping season probably seemed like a good time to launch one more practical but far from groundbreaking Moto Mod.

Expect the Mophie Juice Pack to start shipping “by November 28”, i.e. Cyber Monday, from Verizon, with pre-orders already underway at $79.99 a pop. So, how is this any different from the Incipio offGrid Power Pack?

Well, it obviously works in the same simple way, easily snapping on to your Moto Z, Z Force or Z Play phone courtesy of integrated magnets, promising “more than 60 percent extra battery.” While that may not sound ideal (why not up to 100 percent?), Mophie’s “slim and light weight” attaching power bank actually hauls 3,000 mAh capacity, compared to the offGrid’s 2,220 mAh total.

Keep in mind that the Z Force and Z Play feature 3,500 mAh or so cells as standard, with the much thinner Z capping off at 2,600 mAh out the box, so Lenovo, Verizon and mobile accessory specialist Mophie are likely modest when advertising just 60 percent added autonomy.

The $80 juice pack also comes with a USB-C port for 15W fast recharging, an LED power indicator and “unmatched efficiency and build quality”, though there’s no mention on Big Red’s product page of wireless charging support. At $80, that sounds like a possible deal breaker.

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