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For all the convenience and ease of use delivered by USB Type-C technology, the risks associated with buying certain faulty cables and adapters almost don’t make the “upgrade” worth it. Not yet, at least, though if you know where to look and who to listen to for pre-purchase guidance, you should already be safe and never worry your gear will randomly fry up while charging.

Reliable third-party USB-C accessories don’t have to be expensive either, as Monoprice, a trusted American e-tailer of various generic branded consumer electronics, proves by taking the wraps off the Palette Series of reversible cables.

Of course, Google engineer and USB Type-C guru Benson Leung hasn’t been able to test these out yet, but since he gave the company’s Select Series five stars for reliability, convenience and speed, we’re guessing you can go right ahead and order your favorite Palette cable with minimal concern.

Prices start at an incredibly low $4 and go all the way up to… $6, with length ranging from 6 inches to 6 feet, and a nice assortment of colors available. You only get 480Mbps data transfer speeds with 2.0 support here, though Palette Series 3.0 cables running at up to 5Gbps will also go on sale “later this month” at between $5 and $10.

Both selections will include Type C-to-C cords, as well as C-to-A, and C-to-micro B standards, so you can easily pair up the new generation of phones, tablets and laptops with older devices and chargers. If this doesn’t encourage adoption, we don’t know what might ultimately do the trick.

Sources: MarketWatch, Monoprice

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