Modular LG G5 phone and LG Friends companion devices announced at last

The big day has finally arrived, and the highly anticipated LG G5 is official mere hours before the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge also break cover. Of course, the rumor bonanza and leak avalanche of the past few weeks, and especially the past couple of days, ruined most of the surprises, but we’re still in awe of the many upgrades and innovations brought to the table here.

First and foremost, the G5 is billed as a “modular” smartphone, despite not exactly allowing for Project Ara-grade customization. The battery can seamlessly slide out when depleted, and you’re able to replace it in seconds to stop worrying about its otherwise lackluster-sounding 2,800 mAh capacity.

The great thing about the pop-out battery mechanism is of course it doesn’t sacrifice the aluminum unibody construction, adopted in lieu of last year’s flashy but perhaps shallow plastic-and-leather combination.

You may love or hate LG G5’s new design, but you’re bound to notice it and take it into consideration upon your next flagship Android purchase. An “insulative” antenna is “invisibly integrated into the body without disrupting the seamless look”, and a “Shiny Cut edge” improves contrast, as well as grip.

Aside from what meets the eye, the G5 obviously hides a number of important enhancements, including Snapdragon 820 processing power, 4GB RAM, an always-on Quad HD 5.3-inch display, and dual rear-facing camera with a standard 78-degree lens and a separate, record-breaking 135-degree lens.

But a few “LG Friends” are present in Barcelona too for this glitzy and crowded introduction, and they aim to transform the G5 into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player and more depending on the things you like most in a smartphone.

This is where the modularity gets serious, with a CAM Plus accessory, for instance, attaching through the battery slot to provide physical power, shutter, record and zoom buttons, as well as extra 1,200 mAh juice.

Then you have a Hi-Fi Plus DAC audio player developed in collaboration with B&O Play, 360 VR goggle that can simulate a 130-inch TV “viewed from two meters away”, 360-degree angle camera equipped with two 13MP 200-degree snappers, and even a quirky Rolling Bot that “rolls like a ball while capturing images and videos with its embedded 8MP camera.”

Intrigued? Then stay tuned for exclusive hands-on coverage of each and every product brought to you by our MWC team.

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