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Off-beat: Taiwanese artist turns trashed mobile phones into a car sculpture

By Jules Wang November 3, 2015, 12:11 am

When we talk about recycling our smartphones or thinking about the environment once we’re done with our devices, we often see dreaded fields of waste or look to companies thinking up solutions like Fairphone. OnePlus makes a token gesture every once in a while to help doctors out. Some people just don’t care. But some of the people that do care go to extraordinary lengths to make their point.


Take Lin Shih Pao, a Taiwanese artist who took to creating a Formula 1 racecar out of a colorful multitude of smartphones and dumbphones. We were taken aghast by some certain sights: a cursory inspection of the Reuters video below located an array of seemingly just-trashed, current-generation Samsung flagships — in what most would call an “ugly” champagne — laid atop what would be the windshield of the car — a wooden chassis in actuality.

It’s taken Lin some $30,000, some 25,000 disused phones, four years of mental gestation and four months of nails, glue and sweat to bring together “first-class garbage” into “modern art.”

Take a look for yourself and ponder at what you might do with your current phone next cycle around.

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