Samsung has been consistently using its own processors inside smartphones (some flagships for certain regions in parallel with same versions running Snapdragons, some mid-rangers), until this year the company decided to go all in with the Exynos-powered Galaxy S6 (and Edge). Whether the overheating rumors around the Snapdragon 810 were the reason, or Samsung simply wants to enter the market and compete, is irrelevant at this point.

Thing is that this might not be a one time thing. Samsung has the production capacity to produce its own chips, and, according to this latest report, the South Korean giant will release a new application processor, with a proprietary mobile AP core, next year, one that will compete with Apple’s Cyclone and Qualcomm’s Kyro chips, both of which use ARM’s standard CPU core (to a certain extent)

The upcoming AP will most likely be a 64-bit chip (Samsung has four years of experience in the field), and will signify Samsung’s commitment to not only manufacturing its own chips (now, developing its own AP core), but becoming a key player on the market.

Source: Business Korea
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