MixRadio; the coolest music streaming service around, comes to iOS & Android

We’ve been using MixRadio on Nokia devices for years. Back in 2013, we called it the best music service ever. It’s free, it’s got unlimited streaming, no commercials, and offline music mix downloads so that you don’t have to use your data connection. It even automatically predicts what kind of music you’re going to like (based on whatever you tell it you like and what you appear to enjoy listening to). The problem was that it was only available for Nokia branded phones and tablets, and Nokia’s market share had taken a bit of a nose dive.  Sure you can get a nice Lumia with free MixRadio for $35 and just use it as a music player if you want, but many people don’t know that and they already have Android or iOS devices instead.

Well, today Jyrki Rosenberg, CEO, and Mike Bebel Head of Entertainment at MixRadio announced the release of iOS and Android versions of the MixRadio app and MixRadio music service. It’s slightly different from the version available on Lumia devices however, but all the good stuff is still there.  It still uses special algorithms to predict your taste in music and serve you up great new songs that you may not have heard before, but are probably going to enjoy. It still allows you to download up to 4 mixes for listening offline, and all of that is still free. The difference is that there are going to be ads in your mixes, both as they’re streaming as well as offline playing. That’s something Lumia Windows Phone users still don’t have to hear. The iOS and Android apps also lack the upcoming concert notifications and song lyrics features for the time being.


The Android and iOS versions of the MixRadio app are now available in the iOS app store and Google Play store, so now there are no more excusing for not trying this best-kept-secret that used to be a part of Nokia. The Android and iOS app designs are similar, but they take on many of the conventions of each platform. For example, the iOS version of the app has its sections available as buttons at the bottom of the screen that are clearly labeled, while the Android version puts them closer to the top, removes the labels, and includes more cryptic icons like the three vertical dots that Android users are used to.  Both apps launch into the “My Mix” screen with a big button that will start your personalized playlist. Other sections allow you to browse featured playlists that others have created, create your own mixes, and download them for offline listening.


The Lumia Windows Phone version of the MixRadio service is still available, but the app hasn’t been updated yet. That’s a good thing since it’s still better-looking and more feature-rich than the new iOS and Android versions. Plus there’s no ads. However, MixRadio does intend to update their app as a Windows 10 Universal app in the future (probably sometime after Windows 10 is finished) so that it will be available on a wider range of newer Windows devices. We’re hoping that includes the Xbox One since walking into my living room and saying “Xbox, go to MixRadio” in order to have it instantly start playing “My Mix” of personalized music would be extremely awesome.


In addition to the Android and iOS apps, you’ll also find MixRadio built into the Harmon Kardon Omni wireless speakers app.


MixRadio is even available on the Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch. You can log in with your MixRadio account and download up to 4 offline music mixes to listen to while you’re running without the need to carry your phone around.

Charli XCX, Nile Rodgers and the Martinez Brothers also appeared at the launch to discuss the state of streaming music. They all seemed very pleased with how MixRadio would create playlists for them and improve upon the way they can discover new music.

When MixRadio was acquired by Microsoft via the Nokia aquisitioin, its future was uncertain, but it’s great to see that now that MixRadio has been spun off and bought up by LINE, they’re still going strong and innovating in the music streaming market.

Be sure to download the MixRadio app and try it out if you’re on Android, iOS, or a Lumia Windows Phone.

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