One of the things many don’t realize the Pebble smartwatch can do is basic activity tracking — its waterproofing and accelerometer allow for things such as immersion and pedometer apps. Many watchapps have already come out letting users measure steps and other basic health functions, but today the company has made big strides by announcing a partnership with Misfit to create a Misfit watchapp.

The app — available in the Pebble app store today — requires only a Pebble, as you can track your health right from your wrist-mounted computer. It will count steps and other fitness-centric metrics. We aren’t sure whether the sleep measuring abilities of Misfit’s own Shine have been carried over (as we haven’t been able to test the app ourselves quite yet), but it’s looking doubtful at the moment. An iOS app is coming soon letting users track distance traveled and calories burned, and this will be able to interface with Pebbles.

In case the Misfit watchapp is just what you needed to make you want a Pebble, but you need just a little extra push, be sure to check out Taylor Martin’s After The Buzz video of the Pebble Steel (embedded below). It will let you know just how much the smartwatch has evolved over time, and if any signs of wear and tear become prominent throughout the course of ownership of it.

Source: Pebble

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