Back in March, we heard about an interesting new twist on software keyboards, upon learning of the Indiegogo funding project for Minuum. Unlike nearly every other keyboard out there, Minuum elects to place all of its letters in one straight row. That frees up a ton of screen real estate, and users are also able to move the keyboard around as they see fit – no need to just keep it docked at the screen’s bottom. The project ended up raising far more money than it set out to do, and backers have been looking forward to the opportunity to check out a beta release sometime in June. As we inch up on the halfway point, word’s just arrived that the software should be available early next week.

We don’t have a hard date just yet, which we imagine means that the Minuum team is scrambling to knock out any major bugs and get things ready for this big test; we’d be surprised if we didn’t hear news of the beta’s release by Wednesday.

What about the rest of you, who didn’t contribute to help fund Minuum when you had the chance? Well, the Indiegogo project’s been closed since mid-April, which means you’ll have to wait for the wide release of the finished version. The way things are looking, that won’t be until early next year. You’ll also have to wait until 2014 for your first chance to play with a Minuum demo for iOS.

Source: MobileSyrup

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