Wholesale wireless service provider Mint SIM recently changed its name to Mint Mobile. The company wanted to take the focus off the medium of its service, a SIM card, in favor of letting the “Mint” part do all the talking, giving a fresh spin on how to purchase mobile service.

If you aren’t familiar with the prepaid carrier, owned by Ultra Mobile, it’s a bring-your-own-device operation that accepts most GSM phones and runs on T-Mobile’s network. It offers 3-, 6- and 12-month packages featuring unlimited talk, text and data with a variable bucket of data at LTE speeds, depending on the tier.

The longer the terms, the more cost-efficient the rates get, but it’s all paid in a lump sum, up front.

Term 2GB/mo. 5GB/mo. 10GB/mo.
3 months $69 ($23/mo.) $90 ($30/mo.) $124 ($38/mo.)
6 months $108 ($18/mo.) $144 ($24/mo.) $180 ($30/mo.)
12 months $180 ($15/mo.) $240 ($20/mo.) $360 ($30/mo.)

Those who want to try a three-month plan for the first time will will pay just $45 for 2GB, $60 for 5GB and $75 for 10GB on their first term. There are also add-ons like additional high-speed data and international roaming available to customers on a month-to-month basis.

The company is pulling off this rebadging as Sprint and T-Mobile prepare to merge — as the two have a combined majority control of the prepaid market, there may be some major consequences incoming if regulators set conditions for the transaction.

While there are no special deals going on right now, you can learn more about Mint Mobile at the link below this story.

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