Wholesale wireless service provider Mint Mobile is making some news on January 29: data allotments are increasing, but so is pricing.

The vritual carrier, which primarily uses T-Mobile’s network, offers unlimited talk and text with all of its plans, but differentiates from the competition by having customers prepay for months-long blocks of service with buckets of LTE-speed data refilled every month — speeds are throttled to 128kbps if customers use up their bucket until the billing cycle is over. Customers bringing their iPhones over can access complimentary features like Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi Calling.

Here’s how the current regular pricing chart looks with regards to high-speed data:

Term 2GB 5GB 10GB
3 months $69 ($23/mo.) $90 ($30/mo.) $114 ($38/mo.)
6 months $108 ($18/mo.) $144 ($24/mo.) $180 ($30/mo.)
12 months $180 ($15/mo.) $240 ($20/mo.) $300 ($25/mo.)

Now, Android Central has been told by Mint that it will revise is high-speed data offerings to 3GB, 8GB and 12GB on the same contract lengths. The new pricing is as follows:

Term 3GB 8GB 12GB
3 months $75 ($25/mo.) $105 ($35/mo.) $135 ($45/mo.)
6 months $120 ($20/mo.) $150 ($25/mo.) $210 ($35/mo.)
12 months $180 ($15/mo.) $240 ($20/mo.) $300 ($25/mo.)

You’ll notice that annual package pricing has remained the same, even with the additional data. It is not known if Mint will still offer promotional rates for its 3-month packages.

Customers who have bought and are currently on Mint service will also have access the higher data allotment at no additional charge once their cycle ends on or after January 29.

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