The latest boom, if we could call it that, is the whole concept of a smart home. The idea that you can control your home appliances  from your mobile devices, and in a way, have these be smarter about the specific tasks that they do. Microsoft has just announced how it plans to innovate in making homes even smarter, and Cortana plays a big role.

At the moment, smart home appliances involve some sort of hub, be it a speaker, a smartphone or tablet, and sure you can tell Siri to turn on the lights, but you can’t tell the light switch to turn itself on. Microsoft has just announced the new Creators Update to air in mid-2017, and the idea is to build Cortana into your appliances. This provides some added functionality to these, meaning you’ll be able to give commands to your fridge or thermostat directly, and also be able to set a calendar appointment from any of these, as they’ll sync with Cortana like your smartphone, tablet or laptop can.

Is this a little on the science fiction side? Yes. We also know that appliances won’t be ready to support this until months after the Microsoft Creator’s Update go live. Still, if Redmond can pull this off, it might end up being very cool, and hopefully, not as pricey as it sounds.

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