If you’re currently on the ropes deciding if you should buy a PS4 or an Xbox One in the next few months, there are more reasons than ever to become part of the full Microsoft ecosystem, assuming you also use Windows and Windows Phone. Microsoft made a big deal of how universal apps for Windows and Windows Phone will also work on the Xbox One, but at the moment, support for third-party apps is limited to only a few elite developers. This is about to change and in a major way.

Sources claim that Microsoft is preparing to show us how the whole third-party Xbox One platform will work in April at its Build developer conference. After that, the source claims that we should expect an SDK to reach developers in May, and that developers that already own an Xbox One console will most likely be able to convert these into developer consoles for app testing. Developers will even be given the liberty to share beta tests with users in order to help them perfect apps as well, though we don’t know the time frame for that.

Another major change is that third-party apps will apparently now be able to play in the background, meaning you’ll be able to play music on your Xbox in the background while you play a game. Developers did mention major concerns over using Kinect for third-party apps, as performance was anything but optimal in original tests, and to this Microsoft has sadly not provided details. We’ll keep an eye on what Microsoft announces at Build, as all these changes make owning an Xbox One a major advantage over owning a PS4 in the future.

Via: The Verge

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