Even though most of us are still waiting for Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 8.1 to our devices, we already know that it’s becoming official in some regions, at least in Finland for now. If you’re still wondering how far are we from this reaching our shores or carriers, well you’re not alone. The cool thing is that it should only be a matter of time for other regions to receive the update, as Microsoft has already begun to publish documentation surrounding the update in an official manner.

Microsoft has just published its Windows Phone 8.1 update history page, which clearly points to the fact that this now leaves a developer preview, and is now practically official for everyone. This would replace the previous GDR3 update page, and now you can see a full list of everything that reached the final version of Windows Phone 8.1 on the source link, as yes, the list is quite large.

Sadly the list does disclaim that the update is region and carrier dependent, but Microsoft is one of those countries that does a great job in this department, so we’re sure that patience won’t last long.

Source: Microsoft
Via: WMPowerUser

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