It’s Day 8 of Microsoft’s extensive “12 Days of Deals” Christmas preparations, and after a wide range of savings on Surface Pro bundles, Xbox games, PCs from various brands and Xbox One S consoles, the time has finally come for VR enthusiasts to stock up on affordable, immersive, sweet holiday gifts.

Commercially released less than two months ago, following more than a year of build-up, the first wave of Windows Mixed Reality headsets is today seeing an unexpectedly large markdown across the board.

A couple of these devices were discounted for Black Friday, but only by $100 or so, while you can now save a very substantial two Benjamins off the list prices of the Lenovo Explorer, Acer and HP WMR headsets with bundled motion controllers.

Design and build quality are basically the only things separating the three PC-connected mixed reality gadgets, which is why the more premium-looking HP model fetches $249, down from a $449 MSRP.

If you don’t mind a more understated, basic look, the Lenovo Explorer and Acer WMR headset are $199 each, down from a usual rate of $399. Technically, the eye-catching white Dell Visor is also available with $200 savings, at $249, but at least online, that particular device is already listed as out of stock.

Last but not least, you have the later-unveiled Samsung HMD Odyssey, which sports sharper dual AMOLED screens, premium built-in AKG headphones and a very striking design, setting you back however $449 after a modest $50 markdown. According to Microsoft, “deals this big won’t last”, so you only have a few hours to act, cast your early adopter doubts aside, and pull the trigger at some truly unbeatable prices.

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