If there was ever a time for a “don’t try this at home” warning, this is it.

We know that Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets should be pretty durable, featuring Gorilla Glass 2 displays, but scratches are one thing; just how strong is the tablet as a whole? Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows and Windows Live Division, recently gave a little demonstration showing just how much abuse Surface can take.

After mounting a couple pairs of wheels to the Surface, Sinofsky jumped on and proceeded to ride the tablet around like a skateboard (a Surf-board, if you will). As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he even bounced around on it a bit, showing how the tablet could take a load and even bend to give way, without outright breaking.

We’re sure that none of you are planning to subject a Surface tablet to such extreme abuse, but you can still take heart knowing that it will likely hold up well to whatever unexpected damage may be waiting for it in the future.

Surface pre-orders are now open, and the tablets should be first reaching customer hands on October 26.

Source: Steven Sinofsky (Twitter)
Via: BGR

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