Usually, when a device manufacturer “neglects” to reveal unit sales numbers of a specific product or category, merely announcing revenue generated, it means said gadget or gadget family didn’t do so great at the box-office.

But Microsoft has always been secretive about the constant growth of its 2-in-1 Surface roster, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to find out the productive Windows tablets actually sold like hotcakes during 2015, even while essentially all other slate makers saw their shipment figures drop.

According to “Taiwan-based supply chain” sources quoted by Digitimes, Surface-series sales hit 2.5 million between October and December, and a remarkable 6 mil for the entirety of last year, exceeding “market” expectations of just 4M.

Granted, we’re not dealing with the most credible tipsters in the industry, but seeing as how even iPads have started losing steam to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, the numbers make sense. And they could further surge in 2016, by roughly 30 percent, to no less than 8 million units shipped globally.

In order for that to happen, Redmond obviously needs to refresh the Windows 10 convertible lineup sooner or later. Rumor has it “new products” (plural, mind you) will be unveiled “in the second half of 2016”, with development already underway in cooperation “with supply chain makers.”

Could we get our long overdue Surface Mini this year? Perhaps an even bigger, higher-end Surface Book to completely annihilate traditional laptops? Or should we merely gear up for a pair of incremental upgrades? Stay tuned, and you’ll be first to know.

Source: Digitimes

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