Microsoft celebrates largest ever Surface launch, rolling out Surface Pro and Laptop in 25 markets

The “largest launch” in the arguably short history of Microsoft’s Surface product family sees the new 2-in-1 Pro detachable and first ever full-blown Surface Laptop roll out simultaneously across a record 25 markets around the world today.

The ultra-high-end, super-expensive Surface Studio all-in-one PC, which was unveiled back in October 2016 and limitedly released in December, is also expanding to Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK after recently reaching “some of the most creative individuals” in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Japan seems to be the only country of that group missing out on early Surface Pro and Surface Laptop availability, with Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal and a few others instead added to the list.

Stateside, the refreshed convertible Windows 10 tablet starts at $799 in an Intel Core m3/4GB RAM/128GB SSD configuration, going all the way up to $2,699 with i7 processing power, 1TB storage and 16GB memory.

That top-tier variant, however, along with a $2,199 model accommodating 512GB data, are still merely up for pre-order, launching further down the line. The same goes for a state-of-the-art Core i7/16GB/512GB Surface Laptop version, listed as coming June 30. And the new $99.99 Surface Pen is unavailable too in all colors besides platinum.

Speaking of special coats of paint, the Surface Laptop in Burgundy, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold is headed for 17 “new markets over the coming months” in addition to the widely released Platinum option. It looks like Microsoft is finally getting good at this global distribution thing.

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