No such thing as a Surface Pro 5, but a refreshed Surface Pro shows its familiar face today

Microsoft isn’t exactly known for a consistent hardware release strategy complying with traditional upgrade cycles, as both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are still waiting for sequels more than 18 months after their commercial rollouts.

Meanwhile, the Lumia smartphone family might be on an extended break of its own… or altogether dead, the Surface Phone remains a myth, and out of nowhere, the non-detachable Surface Laptop flared up a couple of weeks back to boldly take on Apple’s MacBooks.

Basically, anything could happen on Monday, May 23, in Shanghai, though even as Panos Panay appeared to suggest just last week a new Surface Pro needs time for a “meaningful change”, you can now probably count on a “tock” release being right around the corner.

VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, aka Twitter’s @evleaks, seems pretty certain of the aforementioned announcement date and venue of a Surface Pro 4 refresh dubbed simply Surface Pro, which looks, ahem, familiar in a batch of super-high-res leaked renders.

Let’s not beat around the bush, this is the same exact 2-in-1 Windows 10 design used by Redmond back in 2015. So, what’s new? Unfortunately, that all-important puzzle piece is still missing, though a fresh generation of Intel processors (Kaby Lake) is an absolute guarantee, and Blass fully expects other “internal” upgrades in tow.

Also, a keyboard and pen available in four “similar but not identical” colors to the Surface Laptop’s palette. So far, we totally understand why Panay didn’t want to build a lot of buzz around this thing, but if it’s so repetitive and unremarkable, why wait until now for a Pro 4 follow-up? And why oh why call it just the Surface Pro?

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