These are the four fancy Signature Type Covers set to launch with the ‘new’ Surface Pro

Is it better just to change a product for the sake of change and because the media is no longer buzzing about it looking for the next big thing, or should tech companies wait until they can offer “meaningful upgrades”?

In theory, Microsoft appears to generally follow the latter doctrine, although after more than 18 months of waiting, it’s practically set in stone that the aging but still dependable Surface Pro 4 will merely get a minor refresh unveiled in Shanghai tomorrow.

The Surface Pro (no numerical add-on this time around) is a perfect replica of its predecessor on the outside, it seems, with Intel Kaby Lake inside, plus a few other internal enhancements and revisions we’re yet to hear about from rock-solid sources.

A convertible, extra-versatile tablet is of course only as appealing as its accessories, with new pens and keyboards in the pipeline reportedly similar to the Surface Laptop’s “palette”.

Here’s a quick look today at a premium quartet of Surface Pro keyboard attachments, straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth, i.e. Panos Panay, Redmond’s Corporate VP of Devices, on Twitter. What we’re checking out here aren’t regular $130 Type Cover sequels, but rather fresh, diverse takes on the Pro 4’s single $160 Signature Type Cover model.

They’re all coated in something called Alcantara fabric, which Microsoft describes as warm, luxurious, comfortable, wonderfully soft and incredibly durable in Surface Laptop marketing materials. It’s basically a fancy cousin of suede, made from polyester and polyurethane for increased durability and stain resistance. Bottom line, it’s nice but far from groundbreaking, and we’ll probably say the same about the rehashed Surface Pro itself in less than 24 hours.

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