Microsoft’s latest anti-Apple Surface Pro 4 commercial mostly falls flat (video)

While Microsoft was arguably right to mock arch-rival Apple in a hilarious side-by-side comparison of the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro after the latter got billed as a “computer like no other” in a random, ill-advised advert, it didn’t take long for the jokes to get old and misfire.

Sometimes, you have to know when to stop, but instead of calling it quits a couple of weeks back, Redmond quickly put together yet another short clip disparaging the MacBook Air. Not the iPad Pro tablet, the MacBook Air laptop.

Quite the controversial apples and oranges comparison, which MS was able to get away with the first time simply due to the silly humor of the “cat in a hat” commercial. Unfortunately, the newest 30-second Surface Pro 4-promoting video goes much lighter on the laughs, harder on the cringe, and plays way too heavily to just one of the Windows convertible’s strengths.

The detachable keyboard is merely mentioned in passing (and annoyingly so), which leaves you with the pen “advantage”… and a far less catchy tune than last time around. Why couldn’t you quit while you were ahead, Microsoft, or stick to the Siri and Cortana-voiced iPad Pro battle?

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