Microsoft hits back at Apple’s PC iPad Pro claims by asking Cortana what a computer is

Microsoft’s iPad-ridiculing Surface publicity efforts are essentially as old as the 2-in-1 Windows tablet/laptop family itself, though for a little while, they ceased to frantically take jabs at the competition, turning over a new, more conventional, neutral and, honestly, boring leaf.

But then out of nowhere, Apple controversially argued the iPad Pro is a full-blown computer, at which point we knew exactly what to expect. The latest Siri clone-voiced Microsoft Surface commercial has probably arrived sooner than anyone anticipated, this time featuring Cortana too, repeatedly taunting “her” arch-nemesis as the iOS assistant insists on bragging about a mundane keyboard.

Cortana doesn’t feel that’s hardly enough to qualify the 12.9-incher as an all-out, powerful and productive PC, considering it still lacks a professional-grade Intel Core i-series processor, “full” Office support, as well as a trackpad and external ports. Those all sound like fair points, although obviously, the largest iPad model to date holds its own advantages over the Surface Pro 4 that Redmond’s marketing department concludes “does more, just like you.”

As such, perhaps Cupertino’s ads should go back playing to the iPad Pro’s strengths rather than needlessly stretching the definition of words and device categories.

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