Just when we thought Microsoft couldn’t possibly surprise us with anything big at its allegedly jam-packed October press event, the biggest Surface model yet pops up in the news for the first time. That’s biggest if you don’t count the gargantuan 84-inch Surface Hub, of course.

Gear up for a Surface Pro 4 configuration with a display diagonal of between 13 and 14 inches, reportedly developed alongside a more compact, “traditional” 12-inch version. There’s obviously no way to verify the fresh rumor’s legitimacy at the moment, as its source provides no concrete proof.

Unnamed insiders “from Taiwan’s upstream supply chain” aren’t enough for us to treat the story as more than unfounded speculation, especially given no timeline is supplied as far as the larger 2-in-1 Surface is concerned.

Hence, this may break cover in roughly two months, and go on sale by Christmas, like the 12-inch Intel Skylake-powered Surface Pro 4, or get shelved until next year, as was purportedly the case with the Surface Mini.

While we’d expect Microsoft to continue to experiment with various sizes for the growingly popular Surface roster, the truly surprising part of today’s Digitimes report regards Amazon and its prospective desire to also tackle jumbo slates.

Apparently, a 12-inch Fire is in the pipeline, albeit in a limited production volume meant to “test the waters.” Currently, Amazon’s tablet lineup includes models ranging from 6 to 8.9 inches, so a leap to 12 inches sure feels drastic. Why not take a stab at a 10-incher first?

Source: Digitimes

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