Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was announced this morning and we were pleasantly surprised to get to leave the press event with a brand new Surface Pro 3 with 256 Gb SSD and 8Gb of RAM along with a nice blue type cover with a lot of improvements. We decided to unbox it right away. First of all, the new type covers are sold separately and we didn’t get a box for that. We just had it thrown in with the bag. The Surface Pro 3’s box looks similar to the boxes for previous Surface Pro devices, but without the angled edge, and there’s no longer a secondary flip cover once you slide out the sleeve.  The Surface Pro 3 looks amazing when you take it out of its cardboard bed. Its new silver color is very eye catching, and we had to test out the new variable angle kickstand right away. Beneath the tablet is the new stylus along with some documentation.

The stylus feels more like a heavy duty pen where as the old Surface Pro stylus felt a bit cheap and plasticy. This one is much more substantial.  It’s got two buttons on the side, and the end where the eraser would be clicks as a 3rd button that can instantly open OneNote on the Surface Pro 3 even when it’s in sleep mode. Oddly, the new stylus does not seem to use Wacom technology since when booting up the Surface Pro 3 it runs an initial pairing of the pen right away.

There’s also a new power brick and yet another new charging port.  Hopefully it’s easier to attach than the previous version.  Oh, and it still has a USB port on the charging brick so you can plug in your phone. The new keyboard has a redesigned track-pad which is 68% larger and should be far more responsive.  It also has a second hinge so that it can snap to the front of the screen and give the keyboard a slightly different angle for more stability.  The keyboard also has a little loop on the side to hold the stylus.

First impressions are very positive. I’m loving the larger screen and the new aspect ratio. There’s so much more to see. The tablet is very thin and much lighter than previous Surface Pros.  It feels more like a Surface 2 and even includes the new silver colored vapor-mag body. Holding it feels about the same as holding a magazine with a lot of good articles in it. Not a cheap flimsy magazine, but something with a lot of content.

Stay tuned for more on Microsoft’s new high-end tablet that’s set to replace your laptop. In the meantime, check out our unboxing video below.

Adam has had interests in combining technology with art since his first use of a Koala pad on an Apple computer. He currently has a day job as a graphic designer, photographer, systems administrator and web developer at a small design firm in Westchester, NY. His love of technology extends to software development companies who have often implemented his ideas for usability and feature enhancements. Mobile computing has become a necessity for Adam since his first Uniden UniPro PC100 in 1998. He has been reviewing and writing about smartphones for since they first appeared on the market in 2002. Read more about Adam Lein!

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