Even thought he Microsoft Surface hasn’t been as popular as most of us feel it deserves to be, at least in its Pro model, it doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft is still betting hard on it. With Stephen Elop’s new leadership, a lot of us wonder what exactly does Redmond plan to do with its beloved tablet line-up. We do know that there is a Microsoft event next week, and we also know that there are rumors of a Surface mini launch, but it seems that it won’t end there.

In an internal support document, Microsoft has just spilled the beans on the probability that there is a Surface 3 in the works. Now, given the fact that this is existing software, it could be that this was just a typo, which can be possible given the lack of key separation between the numbers 2 and 3. Still, we wonder if Microsoft’s plan is to actually ditch the Surface 2 all together, and leave us with the Surface mini as the entry-level consumer option, and launch a Surface Pro 3 that could be more appealing to the market.

We should learn more about this and the probability of other launches next week.

Source: Microsoft Support
Via: The Verge

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