Microsoft rolls out another firmware update to fix new Surface Pro 3 battery glitches

siMicrosoft has effectively (and quietly) discontinued the summer 2014-released Surface Pro 3 while you were expecting a fifth iteration of the moderately successful 2-in-1 detachable tablet that never came. But of course, just because the old Haswell-based 12-incher is listed as out of stock at Redmond’s e-store for quite some time now, it doesn’t mean there aren’t alternate ways of procuring it.

At pretty great prices, no less, from $500 or so as far as the entry-level configuration is concerned to around $650 on Amazon right now with a 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, and Intel Core i5 processor in tow.

Even if no new takers show interest in the classical Windows 10 powerhouse, Microsoft has an obligation to a relatively large and vocal existing user base to continue supporting their software demands and fixing firmware shortcomings.

A little while back, a very serious battery flaw was ironed out after a long wait, but it only took a few weeks for an eerily similar glitch to be reported on a different batch of Surface Pro 3 units. Thankfully, all problems should finally be behind owners of convertibles with both Simplo and LG Chem cells inside now, as a second system firmware update arrives to ensure “battery capacity is accurately reported.”

No more draining all your energy in a couple of hours or having to always use the third-gen Surface Pro plugged in. At least theoretically, once you perform your routine manual “Check for updates” in Settings – Update & security – Windows Update. Let’s hope this is truly the end of nagging firmware mishaps. For good.

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