Supply Chain Rumors Talk About Microsoft Surface Pricing

There is still no official wording related to the pricing of Microsoft’s Surface tablets but Steve Ballmer recently hinted at a $300 price tag, going all the way up to $700 – $800 in the case of the Pro version. Recent pricing rumors from the “supply chain” seen to be somewhat similar, with a few differences though.

It seems like the hardware costs for the Surface (Windows RT version) are allegedly around $300-400 but the same unnamed sources mention a shelf price of less than $399. As far as the Pro version is concerned, the x86 flavor’s hardware costs are rumored to be around $400-$500 and the end-price should be $100-$200 higher than the RT variant, coming in at about $500-$700.

However, we’re still looking forward to seeing or hearing anything official concerning the price of the Surface slates (and we have a pretty solid gut feeling that Microsoft is deliberately holding that back because of their own reasons, which can include the market, competition, PC manufacturers, etc.). The Holiday season is getting closer and closer with every day.

Source: Digitimes

Via: PhoneArena

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