Latest Surface Phone rumors zero in on timeline, security and productivity focus

Microsoft has declared time and time again of late its commitment to the mobile iteration of Windows 10, but the very fact such assertions are needed while the current focus is clearly directed elsewhere suggests the platform may simply not be relevant enough to all of a sudden switch to growth next year.

Yes, it’s only next year that Redmond intends to invest precious new resources in both W10M hardware and software, with the oft-rumored, practically mythical Surface Phone likely to finally break cover in April 2017, alongside a major Redstone 2 OS update centered around mobile innovation.

None of this is obviously officially confirmed, but it comes from a rock-solid source, which has also been hearing chatter of a primarily mobile-focused Redstone 3 update scheduled down the line, proving Microsoft indeed has a long-term W10M-nurturing plan.

Let’s just hope it’s not enforced too late, and the company’s execs will be prouder of the way the Surface Phone turns out than the underwhelming, unfocused Lumia 950 and 950 XL. Apparently, productivity and security are eyed as the next big thing’s key selling points, with Redmond at last realizing it can’t succeed in the mainstream high-end landscape.

Instead, carving out its very own niche, where Continuum continues to seize the spotlight, progress and branch out, could do the trick, putting Windows 10 Mobile decidedly on the radar of business users, general productivity enthusiasts, and security nuts. Once again though, you have to wonder if April 2017 isn’t a little late for the currently badly struggling platform to start turning things around.

Source: Windows Central

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