Super-sketchy new Surface Phone render crops up, along with word on specs

Microsoft has pretty much confirmed not long ago that it’s taking a little break from in-house production of hardware powered by Windows 10 Mobile while continuing to support existing Lumias and third-party devices, with yet another round of layoffs suggesting the end could be near.

But the Redmond-based tech giant insists at least business-oriented, Continuum-capable Windows handhelds have a future, and many tipsters believe the elusive, almost mythical Surface Phone will finally come to light sometime in 2017.

If that’s the case, of course, it’s too early to be certain of anything, with currently targeted design and specifications likely to undergo several changes still. Which doesn’t stop “exclusive” reports from flooding the interwebs, accompanied by product renders some leakster or other is ready to vouch for.

Pictured in protective attire with both kickstand and physical keyboard capabilities, the latest Surface Phone “prototype” strongly resembles the purportedly defunct Lumia 950 XL, at least as far as the rear camera is concerned.

The screen bezels are pretty standard, the back unfortunately concealed, and you can expect USB Type-C adoption, as well as traditional headphone jack retention. If this is indeed the way the Microsoft Surface Phone is supposed to look in final, commercial form, which is obviously a huge question mark.

Meanwhile, an even shadier “exclusive” story based on Weibo chatter hints at the previously rumored trio of models carrying 3, 6 and 8GB RAM (!!!) respectively, with 32, 128 and 500GB (!!!) internal storage space also on deck.

As fantasies go, this is an especially scintillating one, but it’s a fantasy nonetheless, impossible to back with concrete proof at the moment, and as a matter of fact, physically impossible to materialize until the next Samsung memory breakthrough. Back to square one, then.

Sources: Baidu, Mobipicker
Via: Neowin

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