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Microsoft finally rolls out Android 11 update for the original Surface Duo

Yep Android 11, not Android 12.
By Sanuj Bhatia January 25, 2022, 2:45 am

It's been over one and a half years since Microsoft unveiled the original Surface Duo. While the original Surface Duo launched with Android 10, Microsoft hasn't delivered a major Android OS update since then. Well, it changes today as Microsoft has started to roll out the Android 11 update for Surface Duo devices in North America and Europe regions. The new update still doesn't bring Android 12, though.

Not every Surface Duo is getting the update right now. Microsoft is rolling out the new update to only unlocked Surface Duos. If you own a Surface Duo that's tied to AT&T, Microsoft says that it is "testing the release and it is pending final validation."


The most important change the new Android version for Surface Duo brings is the Conversations section in the notification shade. It also brings several Android 11 features like built-in screen recording, permissions section, and other improvements. Thankfully, Microsoft has also bundled the January 2022 security patch. Moreover, some of the Surface Duo 2 features have also made it to the release, such as opening Microsoft OneNote with a press of a button on the Surface Slim Pen 2.

Now, the wait for the Android 12 update begins. Though a previous report from Windows Central claims that Microsoft might skip the Android 12 update for Microsoft Surface Duo altogether and instead bring Android 12L — which is an Android version optimized for foldable devices — to the Surface Duo. But there's no update on when that would happen. If you happen to own a Microsoft Surface Duo, enjoy Android 11 for the time being.

Have you updated your Microsoft Surface Duo to Android 11? How's your experience been? Let us know in the comments section below!

Check out the official changelog (via XDA Developers) down below:

  • Upgrades the Android operating system to Android 11.
  • Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin — January 2022.
  • Enabled launching of OneNote when clicking the top button on Surface Slim Pen 2. It requires Surface Slim Pen 2 to be paired with Surface Duo.
  • Enabled in Surface Duo features, in Settings, to choose a preference for answering phone calls when folded.
  • Enabled in Surface Duo features, in Settings, to choose specific apps to automatically span across both screens when you open them.
  • Optimized Quick Settings and notification width for portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Adjust media volume directly from Quick Settings in any device mode.
  • Use thumb mode in Microsoft SwiftKey now with all device modes and application states.
  • Updated app drawer and folder design with improved drag-and-drop support.
  • Refreshed Microsoft feed design with updated cards and new Microsoft Start widgets for News and Weather.
  • Photos by OneDrive: New dual-screen enhanced experience for viewing and editing photos in the OneDrive app.
  • Xbox Game Pass: Discovery and play games from the cloud with an on-screen controller. Some devices, accessories, and software are sold separately. Additional fees and/or subscriptions are required for some apps and features.
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Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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Via: The Verge


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