Microsoft may have just started building up the Surface Book 2 (or at least its hinge)

“Your key to success.” That cryptic, seemingly innocuous tagline accompanied the most recent Instagram upload of the official Microsoft Surface channel. The actual image posted on the social networking website appeared to show a dark-complexioned section of one of Redmond’s celebrated detachable keyboards, but surprise, surprise, no existing product fits the render 100 percent.

Innocent Photoshop goof? We think not, and extremely credible sources confirm the illustration hails from an internal Microsoft “sizzler reel” purportedly containing various Surface Book 2 concepts.

It’s entirely possible therefore MS settled on this arguably sleek design, planning to unveil a refreshed 2-in-1 laptop sometime this fall with a gapless hinge. Granted, all previous signs pointed to the Surface Book 2 seeing daylight no earlier than spring 2017, alongside the mythical Surface Phone and Windows 10 Redstone 2.

But surely, if the buzz-building campaign is already underway, we won’t be left waiting another six or seven months. Since the Surface Pro 4 would technically be up for its own hardware overhaul before long, and a trio of all-in-one Surface PCs have also been rumored of late, you shouldn’t rule out two separate launch events, taking place this October and next March or April respectively.

Source: Instagram
Via: Windows Central

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