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Microsoft Surface 3 now starts at $385 after $115 discount on Amazon

By Adrian Diaconescu March 10, 2016, 4:09 am

It’s odd, but despite there being superior Pro 3 and Pro 4 configurations around, we haven’t seen a lot of solid deals offered on the non-Pro Surface 3 convertible Windows 10 tablet lately. Or maybe we haven’t paid close enough attention, since the 2-in-1 device is rather old and lackluster by 2016 computing standards.

Whatever the case, the Microsoft Surface 3 returns in the spotlight today, thanks to Amazon, which fulfils orders placed with third-party seller USA Supply Source starting at $385. That hooks you up with 64GB internal storage space and 2GB RAM in addition to the quad-core Intel Atom x7 processor that comes standard in all variants.

It doesn’t sound too high-end, and it obviously doesn’t include a keyboard, with so-called Type Covers sold separately at $125. But normally, the “entry-level” Surface 3 model costs a whopping $500, and Redmond still charges the five Benjamins through its official online store.

If you want a bit of extra wiggle room for your multimedia files and whatnot, as well as smooth multitasking no matter what, the 128GB ROM/4GB RAM version sets you back $475 via Amazon, down from the $600 required by Microsoft to close the deal.

This one’s sold by a retailer called HC Wholesale, with deliveries once again fulfilled by Amazon, but if that feels a little iffy, Best Buy is at your disposal with slightly less compelling yet decent promos nonetheless. Namely, $400 64 gig configs, and $500 if you need twice the digital hoarding room, plus 4GB memory.

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