We’ve got to hand it to Microsoft for doing an amazing job with the design and the concept of their surface line-up. Both tablets are beautifully designed, and each caters to a specific type of customer in the market, since not everyone wants a professional tablet. That said, there’s no denying that the guys at Redmond have struggled to make these products relevant, no matter how much money they’ve thrown at marketing them against competitors. Their Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 have been the upgrades that many have been waiting for, but it seems that not everything about them is perfect.

Customers are complaining of overheating problems in both the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, and apparently the problem goes as far as to dim the display of each tablet up to a point where you can’t use it. A Microsoft spokesman has already acknowledged that they are aware of the problem, and according to the company:

“Surface devices may dim the screen as thermal temperatures rise from extended, high CPU intensive activities – like gaming. In some scenarios this does not appear necessary…We’re working on a tuning update that will remove this unnecessary dimming event. You can expect this update in an upcoming Windows Update package. In the meantime allow the Surface to cool down for a minute or so in order to return the screen to previous brightness levels.”

If you currently own either of these tablets, just make sure you keep an eye for this problem, and hopefully Microsoft won’t be so Microsoft when it comes to the speed at which they deliver this update. Keep us posted on the comments.

Via: Phone Arena

Source: TheRegister

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