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Microsoft confirmed back in December last year it plans to bring its xCloud game streaming service to iOS and PC via a web-based solution. As per a new report from The Verge, the company has already started testing the web version of its cloud-based game streaming service internally, indicating that the service might soon be rolled out widely as per originals plans. 

xCloud will be free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

The report also offers a glimpse of the xCloud’s UI on the web, adding that the experience will be similar to what you’ll come across on Android devices. “Much like how xCloud currently works on Android tablets and phones, the web version includes a simple launcher with recommendations for games, the ability to resume recently played titles, and access to all the cloud games available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,” the report adds. 

Image: The Verge

Of course, you’ll need a compatible controller to play games via the cloud-based game streaming service. The web-based client of xCloud will be bundled inside the Xbox app for Windows 10 as well. At the moment, Microsoft is keeping the service exclusive to Chromium-based browsers, which means the xCloud web client will work on Chrome and Edge browser.

Testing is limited to Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome and Edge

Microsoft has already promised to bring xCloud via web to iOS and PC in Spring, and it appears that the preparations in full swing to meet that deadline. It appears that the company is eager to introduce its cloud-based game streaming service to another huge audience on the iOS side of the ecosystem. 

Image: The Verge

xCloud is finally ready for iOS

Microsoft initially refrained from pushing out an iOS app for its xCloud service, as Apple demanded that all games that come bundled with the service should be submitted individually for review. Even though the company extended an olive branch later on, Microsoft decided to pursue a web-based solution when it comes to iOS. To recall, the cloud-based game streaming service is bundled as a freebie for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

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