Microsoft Selfie app launches on iOS, because why not?

Aside from being able to turn your standard iPhone into a “Pro” device with a remarkable suite of productivity software, Microsoft wants to deepen its involvement in Windows Phone-competing platforms, proving it can also be fun in addition to serious.

The aptly titled Microsoft Selfie iOS app aims to take advantage of Apple’s first 5MP “FaceTime” cameras, transforming “average photos into more presentable portraits in seconds.” Almost too presentable, if you ask us, as the numerous filters and beautification features tend to make the subject of your selfies unrecognizable.

Luckily, you can always revert to the original pic, or go a little lighter on artificial face “enhancements”, so overall, the app may feel simplistic and, well, tacky, but it’s free to download and use at its full potential, and it does what it advertises pretty effectively.

It also takes factors like age, gender, skin tone, and lighting into consideration when performing its imperfection-removing magic, so at least technically, it should keep things nice and natural. Any words on an Android rendition? Not yet, but Redmond is after every mobile user it can serve.

Source: iTunes

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