Promotion can make or break a smartphone, so let’s take a moment to checkout two recent entries from some of the industry’s heavyweights: a new Lumia 920 ad from Microsoft, and a clip from the Galaxy S 4’s Indian launch that makes even the over-the-top US event seem restrained in comparison.

The Microsoft ad really pulls no punches, and in just a short span of time manages to fire off plenty of volleys at all the quirkiness of both Apple and Samsung designs, as well as some of the fervent behavior their supporters can display. We’ve got the Note being way too big, Samsung’s fascination with NFC, and also the changing perception of the iPhone as no longer being desirable for younger users. It doesn’t even have to sell Windows Phone that hard – just the idea that it’s simply an alternative to all this other craziness is enough.

In contrast to that well-done ad, Samsung has created a bit of a spectacle for the GS4 launch in India, re-tooling last year’s surprise hit Gangnam Style with lyrics about the Galaxy S 4. Perhaps it’s a matter of differing cultural tastes, but from a Western point of view this is just a bit… well, “corny” might be a grievous understatement. Check it out below, if you dare.

Sorry about the bad aspect ratio and poor deinterlacing. This is the best copy we’ve seen.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube), Films of India (YouTube)
Via: TmoNews, Android Central

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