Microsoft rumored to sell its own Android phones soon

The only Android phones that Microsoft is involved with are one from Samsung’s Galaxy S range. It was the case for the Galaxy S8 and is the same for the Galaxy S9. Oh, and there’s the Razer Phone, too.

Ever since giving up on its own mobile pursuits, the company behind Windows has been selling those phones and has put more of its software push behind the Android platform in general. But could it be plotting a new smartphone push with the help of that OS and not the dead Windows 10 Mobile?

Windows Latest claims to have talked with a Microsoft Store employee and, when addressed with concerns about any Lumia phones coming back for sale — and we know that the Nokia name has gone far away from Lumia and onto Android at this point — and was told that Microsoft itself was going the same way.

Here’s the pertinent exchange between the anonymous employee and the recipient:

Recipient: Do you mean a new Windows Phone model? But Windows Phone has been discontinued.

Employee: Not Windows phone per se, I was referring with our engineers but it’s definitely not Windows phone this time. / We will be creating a new line of phones for Microsoft phones […]

Recipient: it won’t run Windows 10 Mobile?

Employee: It’s like a new edition for Microsoft phones. / It’s gonna be powered by Android that’s for sure.

When asked whether the Microsoft brand would be behind the phones, the employee said they will “be under our Wing” without clarifying further.

This is a weird rumor we’re looking on and could be affected by hearsay, behind-the-scenes delays and a whole bunch of influences if it is true in the first place. But nonetheless, many have wanted to see Microsoft get back into the mobile space in some capacity. This might be a good baby step.

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