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Microsoft reports $45.3 billion in revenues for Q3 2021

By Roland Udvarlaki October 28, 2021, 6:30 am
Microsoft logo

Microsoft just shared its quarterly financial report, and the company has reported some healthy profits and high revenues. Microsoft earned a total of $45.3 billion of revenue for the FY22 Q1 period that’s from July 1 to September 30.

Microsoft recorded a 22% higher revenue compared to last year and a high 27% rise for the operating income, which was $20.2 billion. One of the highest paying revenue sources was Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud division that took $17 billion in revenues. The second and third are the Productivity and Business Processes that reported $15 billion in revenues.

Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has started taking cloud computing and servers far more seriously than ever before, and the division saw a 35% rise in revenues, and Azure grew even more by 50%. It’s clear that betting on cloud and Azure was a great decision and that it’s providing healthy profits to the software giant. Personal Computing includes revenues from the Windows software, the hardware, gaming, search, and advertisements also managed to earn $13.3 billion for Microsoft.

The revenue from the sales of Windows to device manufacturers has gone up 10%, and Surface product revenues decreased by 17%. Microsoft Office and cloud services grew by 18% in revenues, and Office 365 alone grew by 23%. Microsoft paid more $10.9 billion to shareholders in dividends and share purchases, which is a rise of 14%. Overall, Microsoft seems to be doing well, although the company is still unable to grow its Surface product lineup.

In case you want to watch the webcast of the Microsoft Fiscal Year 2022 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call, you can watch it here. Just yesterday, we reported on how much Google has taken in in Q3 2021, which was the company’s highest ever reported revenue yet for that quarter, and it’s showing healthy profit margins.

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