Microsoft Reconfirms 2011 Copy/Paste Windows Phone 7 Update

Microsoft reconfirmed Copy/Paste as Windows Phone 7’s first update in early 2011 after Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President Windows Phone Program Management announced it early at the Windows Phone 7 keynote.

We also know that the company already has it working as we described how the feature will function but, in the context of recent, bold statements made regarding the first update, Microsoft reacted with the following:

“Microsoft is committed to delivering regular updates to the Windows Phone experience. Our first update will make copy & paste available in early 2011. In addition to this first update, all Windows Phone 7 users should expect to see additional updates delivered in the future as part of Microsoft’s ongoing update process”. As much as we’d like to believe it, simple Copy/Paste functionality is nothing major to the platform — and definitely not “Windows Phone 8”-ish, that is, except Microsoft is not telling everything but in case they are, we need to hold our breaths until the next updates that might bring all those rumored features to the platform (if).

Source: Engadget

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