Microsoft Preparing Curved Keyboard In Windows Phone 8 For One-Handed Operation?

The image above is claimed to be out of a Microsoft Research presentation and is showing off what seems to be a curved SIP, an input method employing a “phone-type” keyboard rather than a QWERTY one, with several letter being joined (three or four).

The purpose of such a possible future keyboard would be a simple one: one-handed operation. Our guess is as good as yours on whether this is (or will turn out to be) real or not, as a feature of Windows Phone 8 — and who knows, Windows Phone 7.8? Of course, it should have a stellar prediction and correction engine — and normally, a toggle switch for left and right hand operation. Would typing on such a keyboard be appealing to you?

Note: the skeptical among you will immediately notice that the text is not aligned with the top edge of the phone (and the keyboard with some of the edges), and they’ll be right. Fake or not, the idea is kind of outrageously cool.

Source: WMPowerUser

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