One month back we were talking about Microsoft and its efforts to bring Office to non-MS platforms. Specifically, rumors suggested that Microsoft was making work on a tablet version of Office for Android a big priority, even over a touch-based version of Office for its own Windows tablets. This week, we get an update on progress towards this goal, with word that a private beta test for this Android tablet Office build is about to get started.

Microsoft has a public signup page for users interested in participating in pre-release beta testing of new Office software, and while the there’s no Android-specific nature to this program in general, sources indicate that Microsoft is using these registrations from which to select participants in the Android tablet beta. Both individuals and businesses are invited to express their interest, but at the time of this posting, the surveys for both sets of users appear to be down.

Assuming this rumor is accurate, and these beta programs soon get underway, we may just have an opportunity to check out some leaks stemming from it.

Especially as Google steps up its own office suite efforts, integrating Quickoffice tools into its selection of apps, Microsoft might need to double-time its efforts if it wants to get this software out before users become too used to the alternatives.

Source: The Verge, Microsoft

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