Getting developers to bring their apps to Windows Phone can feel like pulling teeth sometimes. Maybe Windows 10 will help resolve that situation, with new tools designed to make porting as painless as possible, but for the moment (despite things getting better) app availability remains a problem. On the flip side, though, Microsoft has been nothing less than willing to bring some of its own high-profile software to its smartphone competition, and we’ve been tracking efforts to bring Office to iOS and Android devices for years. While progress is at times slow, over the months we’ve seen support arrive for more and more hardware. Today Microsoft starts addressing one overlooked segment, as it makes a preview release of the new Office available for Android phones.

We saw the beta of the new Office land for Android tablets last year, alongside releases for iOS phones and tablets. We’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since, and now you can start trying out the new Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on Android phones.

To get involved, you’ll need to register through Microsoft’s Google+ Office community. Once the permissions you get when signing up take hold, you’ll be able to download the apps and start using them on your phone.

The old Office Mobile app remains available as Microsoft tests these new ones.

Source: Microsoft

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