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Microsoft offers 50% discount to pirated Office users

By Roland Udvarlaki December 10, 2021, 6:45 am
Microsoft Office 365 pirate discount Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has been pushing its Office 365 subscription service for a while, and the company now wants to convert pirates into paying subscribers. Microsoft is offering up to a 50% discount to those, who are using a pirated version of Microsoft Office. The company placed the promotion in a warning ribbon bar on Office applications to deter pirates from using software that could have been tampered with.

Once a user clicks on the link placed in the Office app (via Ghacks), it takes the user to a promotionpage, explaining why using pirated software is risky business. If you’re not a subscriber yet, there’s no point in visiting the website as it won’t offer the discount, unless the user has received the message using a pirated copy.


The site explains that “pirated software exposes your PC to security threats”, and it can cause “corrupted files and data loss”, and it also puts your pc and personal info up for “exposure to virus and malware attacks”. The software giants also list that users will be unable “to receive critical updates or edit files.”

The discount in question brings down the Microsoft 365 Family subscription price down to just $49.99 for the first year, and the Microsoft 365 Personal package only costs $34.99 for a year. The prices are attractive, but I’m not sure if it will actually encourage pirates to switch from a buy-once, own it forever technique to a subscription-based one. Microsoft isn’t offering any discounts for the standard Office 2021, which isn’t based on the subscription model, and costs $149.99.

It’s clear thatMicrosoft wants to boost its subscriber count and go beyond its already existing 50 million paying customers. Some pirates may sign up for one year – since it’s actually a great deal – but many might not remain a paying customer afterward. It remains to be seen how this strategy works out for Microsoft. For as long as it can convert some users, it will still be a big win for the company.


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