Shhh! Keep Mango on the down-low; that was the message Microsoft seemed to be sending when it first started distributing its beta Mango update to Windows Phone 7 developers earlier this week. Use of the software required the stipulation of a non-disclosure agreement between Microsoft and interested developers, one with some pretty serious terms. Whatever tense feelings that may have caused can now pass, with Microsoft explaining that the restrictions aren’t as bad as everyone thought.

The Mango NDA required that developers agree not to publicly comment on their experiences with Mango, nor publish any screenshots. Despite the relatively in-depth looks we’ve managed to have at Mango thus far, we’d really like to continue bringing you news about all its new features, and those strict NDA terms threatened to limit the amount of Mango news that would be available.

When Microsoft was asked for comment it explained that the NDA was pretty standard stuff, and that it would OK developers to comment on their experiences with the OS on a case-by-case basis. That’s the official word from on-high, at least, but Cliff Simpkins, Product Manager for Windows Phone, says the NDA is even less of an issue, and that developers can talk and post screenshots without repercussion; the NDA’s intent is apparently only to prevent releases of Mango content, like apps and code. It’d be nice if that’s what the NDA actually said, but it’s reassuring to hear, nonetheless.

Source: WPCentral

Via: WinRumors

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