Microsoft’s launching Windows 8 with plenty of tablets in the mix, from Microsoft’s own Surface, to all the OEMs releasing their own devices. In that respect, Microsoft’s got large devices covered, and there are a lot of good choices for small devices, running Windows Phone 8, but what about in-between? We’ve already talked about our thoughts on the chances for seeing a five-to-seven-inch device, which didn’t seem very likely in the near future, but we were a little more optimistic about the odds for something more around the seven-inch range. It looks like we won’t be seeing one of those on the horizon, either, at least according to one Microsoft exec.

Tami Reller, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Windows and Windows Live Division, was recently talking to Wired UK about the first wave of Windows 8 tablets. While there will be lots of options available, Reller made it clear that these are all going to be 10.1 inches or larger, with neither Microsoft nor its OEM partners planning to introduce a seven-inch, or even a nine-inch tablet in the near future.

That’s not to say that such a device might see the light of day months and months down the line, but don’t count on finding anything like that for sale this holiday season.

Source: Wired UK
Via: phoneArena

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