Microsoft sets up yet another May event in Shanghai, Surface Pro 5 launch expected

It’s highly unusual for a company like Microsoft, which doesn’t even make and sell that many devices itself these days, to hold two, let alone three separate launch events in the space of just three weeks.

But here we are, still trying to figure out if the Surface Laptop is more similar to a MacBook than a Chromebook, while looking forward to Redmond’s Build Developer Conference in Seattle between May 10 and 12, and scratching our heads as to what might be coming “next” in Shanghai on May 23.

It can’t possibly be all hardware though, so in case it wasn’t already abundantly clear, Microsoft Build will focus squarely on software announcements and demos. Probably, less exciting and surprising ones than Windows 10 S also.

As for what’s going down in China two weeks from Tuesday, Panos Panay suggests in a not-so-subtle way that it’s somehow related to the Surface brand. Not only has the company’s Corporate VP of Devices and very Surface creator revealed he will be “seeing” us in Shanghai on the 23rd, also tweeting a #Surface hashtag in addition to #MicrosoftEvent and a generic picture of the city’s beautiful scenery.

Can you say Surface Pro 5? An Intel Kaby Lake-powered 2-in-1 Windows 10 design is long overdue, and although it’s not expected to radically alter the looks and specs of its predecessor, it may get a relatively glitzy introduction anyway. Perhaps alongside Microsoft and Harman Kardon’s Cortana smart speaker, with a mythical Surface Phone not even worth dreaming of anymore.

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