Microsoft indirectly discloses latest quarterly Lumia sales numbers – 1.2 million

It certainly was both odd and ominous to see Microsoft tight-lipped about the box-office scores of its flagging Lumia roster for the April – June timeframe in an otherwise comprehensive full fiscal 2016 report.

After all, in sickness and in health (mostly sickness recently), for better or worse (primarily worse), the Redmond-based tech giant always released those numbers, and so did Nokia before it. But it’s not like it went the whole nine yards to keep the latest Windows Phone decline under wraps either, with yesterday’s Form 10-K filing including the July 2015 – June 2016 grand total.

That stands at a very unimpressive-sounding 13.8 million units, and considering sales results officially unveiled for calendar Q3 and Q4 2015, as well as Q1 2016, we can conclude only around 1.2 million Lumia handhelds were shipped worldwide during Q2.

In average, Microsoft barely sold 13K Lumias a day these three months, despite bundling the 950 XL and 950 models together again in North America, and offering other discounts directly and indirectly on old and new Lumia variants.

Granted, the marketing focus was clearly directed elsewhere, W10M didn’t expand rapidly enough, and the 1.2 mil count doesn’t include sales of Windows phones manufactured by third parties. Still, the platform as a whole is in extreme danger of extinction.

Source: Windows Central

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