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Microsoft Lumia branding goes official, new device coming soon

By Rithvik Rao October 24, 2014, 2:09 am

It’s been long rumored that the Nokia name wouldn’t be lasting much longer, and today that has been confirmed with word straight from the horse’s mouth. Officially, the name of the Windows Phone we’ve all come to know and love has been changed from the Nokia Lumia branding to a fresher Microsoft Lumia branding, reflecting the new ownership of the company.

The websites and social media accounts associated with Microsoft Lumia will be overhauled and changed to reflect the new naming over the next few days, and the change across all web properties is expected to be swift. As far as when we can expect the first devices with the Microsoft Lumia branding, Microsoft’s Tuula Rytilä does not divulge specifics, but does go as far as to state that one handset is in the pipeline and launching soon.

In case you own a Nokia Lumia smartphone right now, this change does not mean that you will no longer have updates available to you, and your phone is not obsolete. In fact, Microsoft is continuing to sell these models, and all warranties will be honored for these.

So, is the incredibly long-lasting Nokia brand dead? Not quite. Microsoft has licensed the name for low-end devices (what we like to call “dumb phones”), like the recently announced Nokia 130.

This represents a major change for Windows Phone fans, but one that will seemingly be regarded well. Share your own thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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